OD Rights位于北京,致力于为欧美版权所有者提供中国境内最前沿的音乐类版权服务。我们的服务涉及范围包括实体和数字发行授权、内容采集、表演版权、出版及音乐版权集体管理咨询业务等。

OD Rights隶属于格外音乐。联络我们请致信 hello {at} od-rights [dot] com

OD Rights is a Beijing-based rights management business, representing Western copyright owners on the front lines of music monetisation in China. Our services include physical and digital licensing, content acquisition, performing rights, publishing and collective management consultancy.

OD Rights is a division of Outdustry Group. Reach us at: hello {at} od-rights [dot] com