Glaciers Aligning: Progress In The Chinese Digital Music Industry

Posted on Mar 13, 2014 in Digital

In March 2013, Gao Xiaosong – a famous Chinese music composer, producer and TV talent judge – announced that on 1st July of the same year “the Chinese online music market will step into an era of legal copies”. Of course, the 1st July came and went and nothing much seemed to change. While the statement can be written off as hyperbole, Gao Xiaosong was directly referring to a number of positive behind-the-scenes changes in the Chinese digital music landscape that could best be described as a number of glaciers aligning. Here are a few of the many factors at play.


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>> This article, written by Outdustry’s Ed Peto, originally appeared as “China’s Great Digital Leap Forward” in issue 337 of The Music Ally Report on March 5th 2014.